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Built For The Signage Industry

Powerful yet simple. Specifically design to manage the uniqueness of every project a signage company may deal with. Suitable for Small business and Enterprise Level production houses.

Increases Productivity

Productivity is increased through easier management of projects and their flow through various departments giving company employees easier access to all relevant information in real time.

Saves 100s of Labor Hours

Saves 100’s of hours for Project Managers, Purchasing Departments, AR/Billing and Estimation/Quoting departments.

Project Tray Highlights


Ease of Use

Project Tray gives new employees a head start on learning the business and industry while cutting down on errors and training time. People with no industry experience can easily pick up where seasoned employees have left off with in-depth corporate information available.



Cost Savings

Never have another employee order product from the wrong supplier or misquote a vehicle wrap with Project Tray. Our intuitive platform prevents minor errors easily.



Improved Efficiency

Our easy-to-use project management module reminds staff of current and upcoming tasks so that no project is forgotten. This helps improve customer relationships through better tracking.

Beautifully crafted with technical excellence
and exceptional attention to detail.



A few of Project Tray’s core features

Project Management

Built for easy interdepartmental project flow through promotion features. Users can easily promote and manage projects from the Quote stage to Design, Manufacturing, Production, Post-Production, and Billing, ensuring projects ensure projects are completed and billed on time.


The integration of our Receivables/Billing Module allows companies to fully track projects and ensure no job is missed during the invoicing stage. This module can track invoices at various stages of production, deposits and payments, overdue accounts, and more!.


A built-in calendar module automatically updates and tracks all projects within your pipeline during all phases. Projects are managed easily through the calendar module by dragging and moving deadlines installation to different dates. Simply click on the project to view or edit information.

Inventory Management

Designed for businesses to help track inventory, materials, hardware and supplies. Our features allow users to see supplier inventory with updated details to make purchasing decisions, easier. Additional features allow users to search inventory by various attributes including permanent or temporary adhesive, application type, conformability, air release, and more.


Various reporting features allow users and managers to track the progress of projects through the pipeline. Reporting makes it easier to look up previous customer projects, important internal data, what printer or profile a project was printed on, and so much more.

User and Group Roles

Project Tray is governed by user and group roles giving administrators complete control of what users can see, edit, create, or promote.


The Quoting and Estimation Module allows users to create and customize quotes for any project. Our Vehicle Wraps Estimation tool takes the process of calculating the square foot of a vehicle with the click of a button. Select the year, make, and model of a vehicle and start estimating! This feature alone can save estimators hundreds of hours annually while eliminating guesswork and errors.

Customer/Supplier Management

Keep track of customers, suppliers, manufacturers, and contacts with ease. Features in this module allow tracking of preferred suppliers and contractors for various products with filterable fields.

Time Logging

With Time Logging features built-in, users have the ability to track the time of design, production, installation, and removal,. In addition, managers can report elements to analyze where the business or staff need further focus. The logged time is tracked per phase for all jobs and available on the billing summary.

Used By Print Shops, Car Wrap Shops And Suppliers

Print Shops

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Car Wrap Shops

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What others are saying

  • "I couldn't imagine managing our projects without Project Tray today. With our constant growth and variety of project that we handle Project Tray is essential to our success"

    EmilyProject Manager
  • "With the volume of vehicle wraps that we produce; it would be very difficult for me to stay on top of every project we have on the go. The vehicle wraps estimation module alone saves me hours every week on quoting wraps."

    BrandonGraphics Designer
  • "For a company our size the value of Project Tray is amazing. It pays for it self over and over just by helping us minimize mistakes. The project management portion helps us stay on top of all of our jobs very easily."

    DakotaProduction Manager