Do I have to be a large business to gain benefits from Project Tray?

No! Any business can take advantage of Project Tray – big or small. The beauty of Project Tray is that it is entirely customizable. Our features are designed for your business, whether you employee 2 people or 200.

Is Project Tray customizable?

Yes! Project Tray can customize all features to meet the needs of your business. Some of our features include calendar, estimates, quotes, project overviews, running timers, task management, company manuals, workflows, support tickets, time log history, client lists, and more. What are you looking for? We can create Project Tray to meet your needs.

Does project tray offer 24/7 support?

Although we do not currently offer 24/7 support we do offer immediate assistance through support tickets that are responded to in priority. We typically respond and solve your issue within a few hours of your support request. It can take a bit longer depending on how great your issue.

How much does Project Tray cost?

Project Tray offers a standardized package that includes user management, project and file management, work orders module, calendar, estimates, reporting, billing, inventory, online tech support, and so much more for $49.94 per month, per user. We also offer an added vehicle wrap estimate feature for $34.95 per month. Check out our comprehensive pricing guide here.

Is Project Tray designed for a  specific industry or can anyone use it?

Although Project Tray was designed with the print, marketing, and web design field in mind, any business can take advantage of this platform. Project Tray’s diverse features and integrated tools are customizable. This means we can alter the platform to work for your business.

How do I get started with Project Tray?

After logging into Project Tray, you will be directed to general settings. There, you will update company information, create your client or company, and create a quote. You will be guided throughout this process online with further details provided.

How do I customize Project Tray to meet my needs?

Using the Attributes and Attributes Groups features, set up personalized statuses and options to tailor Project Tray to your company. Users are assigned to a Role that limits capabilities. This ensures users only have access to their key department’s Jobs and Reports. This can be adjusted based on your needs. The administrator can configure specific glocal settings on the Admin Profile including reports, notifications, emails, and time-logging.

Are more detailed account of how this all works can be provided to you by one of our representatives. Contact us today! If you are a current user, explore the Guide feature at the top right panel on Project Tray’s platform. If you have any further questions feel free to contact our team at any time!

Does Project Tray offer a chat or email service?

Yes! Project Tray includes a messenger service that can be used be used between active Users. Messenger channels can be set up to create specific chat groups categorized by topics.

Does Project Tray come with a  digital manual, how-to-guide, or informational video to get started?

Yes! When you first activate your account and log in, you are directed through Project Tray’s setup. There is also a User Guide available that discusses all facets of the application in detail. The User Guide is located on the top right navigation panel on your platform.

Can I adjust different levels of access per user?

Yes! Project Tray can provide access to specific users. This allows particular members to adjust and alter information or simply upload and record their project times. It’s up to you!

How do I contact support for immediate assistance?

You can contact support by creating a support ticket located under “issue” in the main top header.

Can I upload images to completed projects?

Yes! You can upload images for every project with completed photos.

If you can’t find your question answered on our FAQs page, contact us today.