Customer and Supplier Management

Our customer and supplier manager feature displays quantity, cost, and supplier of materials right at your fingertips. This tool helps your business stay on track, stay organized, know when to order from whom, and ensures your suppliers are meeting their agreement terms. You can adjust suppliers, dimensions of products, name of products, detailed descriptions, and cost easily. You can adjust Projet Tray to ensure the right employees have access to this feature; limiting access to all staff for security and more.

You can use this feature by taking the following steps

1. Create a supplier

Create a new supplier through the supplier feature. This displays quick-access information needed to know where your materials are coming from.

2. Reference suppliers

When creating inventory items (such as roll stock, substrate, hardware, tools, small format equipment, etc.) you can reference quick-access supplier information. From this, you can track the cost of items as they’re purchased and used. Also, inventory items can be created using a job quote.

3. Use Reports

Under our reports feature, users can modify this to include the cost of goods sold. This includes tracking and displaying the cost of goods sold to particular jobs and more. This feature is still under development.

Customer and supplier management features are designed for your business. Contact us today to learn about Project Tray’s expert features and organizational tools. Project Tray helps businesses thrive.