Quotes and Estimates

Vehicle Wraps

This allows users to generate quotes based on vehicle specifications.

The quote system is broken down into the following steps:

  1. Vehicle Type
  2. Vehicle Class (when applicable)
  3. Make
  4. Model
  5. Type(s) (Depends on the number of minor vehicle differences, you may need to choose  from up to 5 types)
  6. Year

Once vehicle(s) are displayed based on the user’s selections, “select pricing” can be used to switch through different pricing per square foot. This is set up via the vehicle category pricing.

General Graphics

Under quotes and estimates, this feature allows you to create and view general graphic estimates. Estimates gather information from inventory items, labour charges, and setup fees, in order to provide a quote for work to be completed.

This feature is currently in development.

Quote and Estimates Manual

This allows you to create and view estimates made through quotes (tags icon). This feature is best used through the quotes page, ensuring only one estimate is created per quote. Once an estimate is made, the associated job’s quote will be updated with the estimated amount  – Amt(s). and quote number (quote#).

These estimates allow users to include estimate design, preflight hours, and other line items pulled from attributes in the final estimate/quote. Each line item includes quantity, description, tax, unit price, and option SKU details.

Further cost amounts can be added using additional fees. Additional items will display additional line items without fees.

Equipment setup fees and additional fees both include default tax already applied and are defined in the administrator profile. These attribute values can be used to hold corresponding dollar amounts.

Vehicle List

This tool allows you to create and manage vehicles used in vehicle wrap estimates. The data collected from this list include make, model, class, type, template files, and full measurements for windows and panels.

Vehicle list (Inputs)

Displays the same information and promotes the same management options as the vehicle list while allowing users to edit each vehicle in line. This data is saved when the focus is moved from the text input field.

Vehicle Types

Vehicle types include passenger, food truck, and cargo van. Each line item can be further organized into sub-categories called classes. Each class should be separated with a (|) symbol. For example SUV | Sedan | Pick-up truck | Cargo van | Family.

Vehicle types connect with the vehicle list to categorize vehicles. Vehicle type is the first selection when generating vehicle wrap quotes.

Vehicle Categories

Categories are used for specific vehicle category pricing. This vehicle list allows users to select the price category per vehicle. Categories can include passengers, food trucks, and cargo vans.

Vehicle Category Pricing

This category allows users to create and manage pricing per square foot for each vehicle category. The pricing category is available once vehicle wrap quotes have been made. Pricing selection is grouped by category type and must be manually entered when creating or modifying vehicle category pricing.

Vehicle Duplicates Report

This report has a one-minute loading time. This feature displays all reports found in vehicle duplicates from the vehicle list and highlights them in yellow. Verify INFO_# columns to avoid false positives.

Bleed Amount #

Users can short cut to the attribute controls that adjust bleed amounts. Bleed amounts are additional materials used in inches when calculating wrap pricing. When changing this value, use the update vehicle wrap pricing link below bleed # to force-update pricing.

Update Vehicle Wrap Pricing

Use this tool to update all vehicle wrap pricing once you have updated the bleed amount.

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